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Becoming a sponsor for the Frankston Dolphins Junior Football Club is an opportunity to invest in the growth and development of young athletes while aligning your brand with the core values of community, sportsmanship, and youth empowerment.
Your support directly contributes to providing essential resources, equipment, and facilities that enhance the overall experience for our junior players. As a valued sponsor, your brand gains visibility and recognition not only within our passionate local community but also in broader networks, creating a positive association with community engagement.
By affiliating with the Frankston Dolphins, you demonstrate a commitment to fostering the next generation of athletes and contributing to the well-being of our community.
Joining us as a sponsor is not just a partnership; it’s a meaningful investment in the future success and resilience of young individuals who are the backbone of our community.

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Major Sponsors

Team Sponsors

Our Club Song

The Frankston Boys/Girls are happy, the Frankston Boys/Girls are we – are we.

The Frankston Boys/Girls are happy, we’re happy by the sea.

We love to win for Frankston, our password is attack.

With victory after victory, for the red, white and black.

So, join in the chorus, and sing it one and all.

Join in the chorus, for Frankston’s on the ball.

Look out for Frankston, we’re really on the way.

With victory after victory, we’ll lead ‘em all the way. YAY!

(To the tune of the Scottish folk song ‘A Wee Doech and Doris’ AKA the North Melbourne Kangaroos anthem tune).

Child Safety

All children and young people, regardless of their gender, race, religious beliefs, age, disability, sexual orientation, or family or social background, have the right to feel safe and be free from any harm or abuse. The Frankston Dolphins Junior Football Club is committed to promoting and protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people in our care who access our activities, programs, services or facilities, by fostering a culturally safe environment where children and young people feel safe and welcome.

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