It's about family, a school of life, driving excellence and being a pillar of the community.


At the FDJFC, we are more than just a football and netball club. We are a family that values respect, tradition, and community. Our ethos is grounded in fostering an environment where players, coaches, parents, and supporters come together to encourage and uplift one another, celebrating both our differences and our shared passion for the game.


Our vision is to be the beacon of community engagement, where young talent is nurtured with respect and family values at its core. We strive to be recognised not just for our achievements on the field but for our dedication in creating an enjoyable, harmonious, inclusive, and empowered community off the field.


FDJFC is committed to encouraging and developing all players and to become exceptional citizens. Our mission is to provide a platform for young people and athletes to enjoy their  football and netball, while developing core values of respect, family, and community. Through active community outreach and engagement, we aim to build strong bonds, promote positive sporting behaviour, and ensure that every member feels valued and heard.