Dolphins Host Night
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A great weekly get together for all members of our Club, our Host Night was originally the brainchild of Lyn and Steve Beckett in the 90′s.
And the tradition still continues with Host Night being held every Sunday night at our Club (excluding long weekends, Mothers Day night and Fathers Day night), offering parents and children the chance to get together after a big Sunday of footy. Kids can have a kick on the oval, and mums, dads, grandparents and friends can relax inside with a bevy or two from the bar!
Coaches reports kick off the night at 6pm on the dot, followed by a scrumptious meal served by the team hosting for the night.
5.30 pm – 5.45 pm:  Arrival.
6 pm: Presidents welcome followed by coaches reports.
7 pm: Dinner is served.
Meal cost is $10 per family (or $5 per person) … Where can you get better value than that?!
During speeches and reports, children must all stay seated until the last report has finished. Children then can line up outside the canteen window in order of youngest age groups to eldest.
All children are only allowed in the Club room and on Oval 1. Children are NOT ALLOWED to venture into other areas of Overport Park, back of Club rooms, Oval 2 or beyond the grounds.

Team Manager/Team Info
At the start of the season Team Managers or Coaches choose a date to Host their Sunday night dinner at the Club. Team Managers will then notify parents of the date and organise what food will need to be brought to the Host Night. All families are asked to participate and are required to bring one meal and one side. 
Teams please arrive at the Club by no later than 5.30 pm with your cooked meals/prepared dishes and be ready to help.
All parents are asked to help throughout the night until pack-up (if you normally leave early, please stick around this Sunday night til pack up and clean up is completed).
Roles that need to be filled are:-
    • Kitchen helpers, dishwashers and servers (at least 6-7 in the kitchen at one time – a rotation roster would be ideal).
    • Meal ticket sellers (2) – arrive by 5.40 pm.
    • Table set up (at least 4-6) – tables and chairs can be setup outside at the start, and then inside straight after reports have finished.
    • Raffle ticket sales (1-2).
    • Crowd control (2) – children are not to leave the club rooms and line up outside until all reports have finished. Youngest age groups are served first with adults being served last.
    • Kitchen clean up (as many as possible).
    • Table and chairs clean up and packup (4-6) – at the end of the night.
    • Vacuuming. 




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