Dolphins Honour Roll

Life Members:

This award is not presented annually, but is presented only when this most esteemed recognition is warranted. The criteria for nomination are a significant contribution in single or varied roles, in time and effort to our Club, over a prolonged period.

The persons listed have been honoured with a life membership to our Club.

We thank them for their very important contribution in making our Club the vibrant, dynamic Club it is today.


      2015         MIchael Souter                            
      2012       Gary Bradshaw                  
      2011       Mark White                 
      2008       R. Ryde               
      2005       M & J Smart / S & L Beckett              
      2003       J. Horton                 
      2001       M. Leury / P. Waddell               
      2000       S. Hall               
      1999       P. Schloeffel            
             J. Day       S. Potts       M. Hendrix
             R. Harrison       M. Clancy       J. Gill 
             G. Boaler        R. Clancy             D. Alkermade
            Mr C. Carey       Y. Adkin        B. Barnes
        Mrs C. Carey       G. Adkin       P. Potts 
        P. Fairbairn       L. Charles        A. Potts 
        L. Kennedy       J. Charles        R. Herbert
        T. Kennedy       B. Valentine       S. Johnson
        G. Allan       T. Valentine       D. Peters
        R. Allan        J. Roles        M. Johnson


Lyn Beckett Memorial Award:

The Lyn Beckett award was introduced in 2012 in order to recognise contributions to our Club which go beyond any reasonable expectation of those in voluntary service in any given year. Lyn Beckett was a tireless contributor to our Club and was instrumental in establishing our host nights. This award is chosen by the Committee to acknowledge on behalf of all the members of our Club that very significant contribution.

2015 – The Turville family

2014 – Morgan Quint

2013 – Nick Old

2012 – Rebecca and Cameron Charles


Jayden Davies Memorial Award


2014 – Lachie Hewitt


AFL Dolphins Alumni:


     Jarrad Grant 402954-tlsnewsportrait

  • Under 15 Best & Fairest winner 2004
  • 2009 – 2015 Western Bulldogs F.C. 81 Games
  • 2016 – Gold Coast F.C. 12 Games






 Shayne Smith 

  • Under 13 Best & Fairest winner 1988
  • Under 14 Best & Fairest winner 1989
  • 1994 Sydney F.C.  4 Games



     Dermott Brereton 

  • Under 13 Best & Fairest winner 1977a863c5a75bc447a768c490108e957b81
  • 1982 – 1992 Hawthorn F.C. 189 Games
  • 1994 Sydney F.C. 7 Games
  • 1994 Collingwood F.C. 15 Games
  • Hawthorn Best & Fairest: 1985
  • All-Australian Team: 1985
  • 5x VFL/AFL Premiership: 1983, 1986, 1988,1989,1991
  • 3x VFL Team of the Year: 1985–1986, 1988
  • 5x VFL/AFL Night Series Premiership: 1985–1986, 1988, 1991–1992








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